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Dennis K. Chernin, M.D., M.P.H. received his B.A. and the Phi Beta Kappa honorary
from Northwestern University and his M.D. and M.P.H. from the University of Michigan.
He did residencies in psychiatry and preventive medicine and is board certified in
preventive medicine. He currently practices holistic and family medicine in Ann Arbor,
Michigan using nutrition, yoga and meditation therapies and homeopathy. He is also the
medical director of two county health departments and lectures at the University of
Michigan Medical School.
Dr. Chernin has actively practiced and taught meditation and breathing techniques for
over forty years based upon the ancient teachings of Tantra, Vedanta, and Samkhya
philosophies. Dr. Chernin also teaches and studies Chinese martial arts, including the
Yang and Chen forms of tai chi and Yin style bagua. He is also a lead singer, harmonium
player and co-founder of a kirtan group, Ann Arbor Kirtan.
His publications include: 1. Health: A Holistic Approach; 2. Homeopathic Remedies for
Physicians and Laymen; 3. The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses
(with CD ROM); and 4. How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras and Breath (with
audio CD of guided meditation).
Dr. Chernin first met Swami Rama in 1976 and was initiated into meditation by him
shortly thereafter. He lived at the Himalayan Institute spiritual center in Glenview,
Illinois for 4 ½ years where he studied meditation, pranayama techniques and
homeopathy under Swami Rama’s tutelage. Dr. Chernin was greatly inspired by Swami
Rama teachings and these practices continue to form the basis of his raja yoga practice
He also teaches meditation and chanting at the Sivananda Ashrams worldwide, including in the Bahamas, Grass Valley California, Woodbourne NY and Kerala India. He is a yoga teacher, receiving his certification through the Sivananda organization.

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