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Allan is a personal coach who helps people create extraordinary things in the
world. He’ll bring his years of experience as a yoga teacher as well as his skills
as a coach to explore connection, vulnerability, embodiment and mastery during
this training. His intent is to find the unique and powerful way of being for
each teacher to come from as a teacher.
In 2003 Allan took his first Bikram Yoga class during his travels as an orchestra
musician. Upon returning home, he found the closest studio offering Bikram Yoga
classes was an hour and a half away. He cultivated a home practice in a small
room using a space heater, a couple of mirrors and Bikram’s class on cassette.
Anytime he travelled he’d make it a priority to find a Bikram Studio to take class,
get any corrections, and ask many of the questions he had.
In 2009 he moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he could finally attend class
daily in a Bikram studio. He dove into his practice and began training for
competition. It was during this time he worked with Mary Jarvis, and with her
coaching, was eventually able to achieve a national top ten placing in the Bishnu
Ghosh Asana Competition.
In 2010 he decided to to go to teacher training and after his certification spent
time teaching under Lora Rosenbaum’s guidance. He then began to do more
work with Mary Jarvis as well as with Jessica Rask, learning the finesse of
teaching and learning a better understanding of the teacher’s role.
He’s taught and practiced in various circumstances and environments throughout
the US as well as over-seas. He loves seeing people improve themselves: mind,
body and soul and works continuously to provide a space for the student to see
the best in themselves.

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